Re: Elysian Fields in Turkey, BUT, originally in A


The Elysian (Elysium) Fields were place names of the Goddess Alys and this was older than the Greeks. This spanned a few country sites and refered to a Matriarch type territory where Divine Mysteries were taught, while life had more joy and where there was less toil. Hades, the Underworld, covered a vast Geography outside the Greek Territory. Everything that bordered the Greek Habitat carried a mythical significance contributing to the stories developed by Homer and Hesiod as they gathered their peoples legends into a poetic and coherent form.

Eden, just by follwoing the Jewish writers, self explain the geography. It is obvious the same rivers that flow through Iraq, flowed through Eden. Christian Scholars are quite agreed on that. Atlantis is again a seperate phenomenon and is not the same as Eden or The Elysium Fields as some would contend. Atlantis, we must find according to where the Greeks said it was. We must follow the words of Plato and other Greek Thinkers for the geographical hint which hints closer to the Mediteranean and or Spain. Atlantis could have also been Plato's encoded Political Message for the Fall of The Greek Empire itself due to its pride. Many theories have been proposed.

I believe all these so-called mystical origin spots have one thing on common. It represented Retro-Matriarchal Era of Goddess worshipping territories and that the Patriarchal Indo-European Invaders with their (propagandist?) writers came to encode their culture over another older one.