Elysian Fields in Turkey, BUT, originally in ADEN
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Dear sir ARYL ASHA, The Elysean Fields( Egyptian Tuat.) were not never in Turkey "originally"The Greeks only came to Turkey after 855 and brought the story of the elisean Fields with them. the right Etymology is not :"Elysean"but EliSeion. Which was shortened to "Eli(=Old)+ Sion actually Sidon. Latin: "Elysium" that they were pasture-Land/Fields is "included"in the Word.

In Turkey flows a river Hebrus along which was a Lake and grotto said to be the Entrance to "Hades"(= ADEN-Demonized.) Originally HADES/Aden WAS:"Paradise"but Adam and Eve were chased away by the Cherubim:"Gibril" and |Paradise ( Hidu"Atala"was changed into :"Hell"(=Hindu:"Patala"Hebrew:"Gad-PADALA"the Hindu name for Hesperis/Atlantis, was :"Gand Hama Dana.")In his book "Atlantis-of-the-Sands"(1992.)Ex-Infantry-Captain now Sir, Ranulp Fiennes Names "AT-Lantis", "AD-Land" and King Atlas :"King AD" actually there has only been ONE King "Atlas"the astronomer the other 2Kings:"Atlas"( one was turned to stone by Perseus, the other got his kingdom back, from Heracles.) were Kings OF Atlantis NOT King (Atlas-)of-Atlantis. IN SHORT: the "NOTION"that the entrance to Hades or Hadesa itself was in Turkey is a LATE notion for it originally was in the Magma chamber of the ADEN-Crater befoire the Deluge that made the Mineans move to Crete and start the Minean or Minoan-Civilisation in: 855 bc (not 1500 bc THAT Timeline is wrong.)Can You still follow this thread? Ols Sion Is OLD Jerusalem is also OLD Athens Is Also Atlantis Is also Hesperis is also "Paradise" So the King of Atlantis was also ADanaos is also "Adam". I will ask Mr Helge Halbard to put my (New-)2005-One-page short-paper on this website. sincerely Yours A.M.