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Sorry I have not checked that out yet, I also forgot the name of the greek Town and the entrance \Lake and grotto to Hades where it was situated in Turkey I believe it was near the River"Hebrus" but I thought that river was called "Phlegon" not Styx nor Lethe, it is long ago since I read:"Bulfinch"Mythology copendium. I hope this will do for a Starter??? As for the true "Elysean" Fields that is a wrong
translitteration: "Elysean"is a pro-noune not a Toponym derived from:
Eliseion shortened, to Eli-Sion meaning JUST; "Old-Sion" Latin:"Elysium", thus NOT Elysean! I have made some circumstatial connections with: Toutmose-2= King David(= dodi=Toutti etc.)He ordered all Temples closed and a central Temple to be built on Mount SION . Are YOU aware that Present Jeruslayim is NOT the original SITE?!
If You think it is than we are talking about different "Holy Cities" here! "Holy City is not a name an adjectif should be added Like the "Holy City of ROME"or the Holy-City of KADESH! When Pharaoh Rammesses-2 went to KADESH that was Aden NOT Carchemis at the Orontes-river( Up-North.)present Jerusalem is NEW-Sion ; "OLD"Sion is the Half of the ADEN-Crater; the other half is called: mount Moria Both Halves are called Sion-Moria> Summur or latin Samaria. So Old-Sion is both OLD-Jerusalem/Jerushalayim Hagia-Polis Jerus, AND (Persian-)Samaria. Any way Prof.Khamal SALIBI has allready extesively worked-out in his 1984 Book:"The Bible came from Arabia"that Present Jerusalem has nevr been the original City But it is a persian Settlement colony of about: 340 bc.( by Prophet Ezechiel/Ezekiel.)(So 100 years AFTER Ezdras-Nehemia.)