World History and/or Fairy Tale?

Thank you for your comments! Seems like I mixed up Thuthmose I and Thuthmose II. Sorry. (So, Thuth II, will you sit down please, while you, Thuth I, please may stand up, together with Thuth III)

When it comes to the question of the Bible as "accurate world history" (your view) or "fairy tale" (my view), Id like to discuss this issue.

It is possible that the Bible is accurate world history in disguise, as you claim. But aint that what fairy tales are? Reality in disguise? If the Bible writers and editors in fact made the ancient Egyptian kings masquerade as wandering shepherds, didnt they thereby actually create fiction? If they wanted it to look as if the land of the Jews once was the great fabled "Kingdom of David and Solomon", although to this day the archeological evidence for any such Fancy Kingdom amounts to nothing, could it still be said that they wrote "accurate world history", rather than fancy tales?

In a way I can see what you mean, though, that the Bible stories actually might be "true" stories in the sense fairy tales may be true. The Bible stories may tell truthfully what once happened, although they do so in a disguised - or what Id like to call fairy tale - form.

Of course, every account of what has happened in real life is always colored by the mind of of the author. But every account does not twist reality in the way biblical stories seem to be twisted. Isnt there a two step thing involved in this:

Step One - Egyptian royal history is turned into shepherd stories

Step Two - The shepherd stories are presented as true history

Now, what a twisting of history!

Obviously, the Bible writers told THEIR story, and not world history, even though THEIR story may have used world - or at least Egyptian - history in disguise to present their own (fairy tale) version of history. In that way they managed to pose as "Gods chosen people".

Or am I wrong?

Whether the Bible authors intended it or not (maybe not), it turned out that the entire Western world became literally SPELLBOUND for thousands of years by their writings (and the "gospel" writings that were to follow). Spellbound by what? By accurate world history? Or by religious and nationalist Fairy Tales?

Aint it time the spell be broken?

Best regards, Helge H.