Will the Real David Please Stand Up
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Despite recent "warnings", you can rest assured that Biblical David is a composite of Thutmose (the first) and Thutmose (the third), a.k.a. Abimelech and Isaac in the Genesis narrative. In the book, we sometimes learned that relatively obscure figures like Thutmose I were much more important than previously thought, whereas highly vaunted ones such as Ahmose I must be diminished.

In the case of Thutmose II, archaeologists have concluded he was not a powerful pharoah, but instead a sickly king who was dominated by Hatshepsut daughter of Thutmose I. This turns out to be essentially correct, and even more so because Thutmose I outlived his son-in-law Thutmose II by many years, as did his daughter Hatshepsut.

The Bible is not fiction, but very accurate world history, even if it is disguised as a provential tale about wandering shepherds. Of course, it is still colored by the prejudices of its various authors, but we must deal with this element in other historical works as well. The motives of the Biblical authors at least can now be understood.

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