Once Upon A Time...

Dear Blue Hue,

Thanks very much for your comments! However, I still think it is more correct to say that Tuthmoses II and III are the real life models of Fairy Tale King David, and that Amenhotep III is the real life model of Fairy Tale King Solomon. Which, I guess, is more in line with the conclusions arrived at by Ahmed Osman and our friend here, Mr Charles Pope.

Sometimes I kind of wonder if the world would have been saved a lot of misery and trouble, had the biblical stories all started with the nice and friendly words "Once upon a time, there was...", in keeping with their fairy tale character.

However, regrettably, it seems as if the biblical editors for some dubious reason wanted the stories to look like downright history to the reader. Or is there any original Hebrew word, maybe overlooked in translation, that corresponds to the "Once upon a time" beginning of a story? Anyone that knows?

Best regards, Helge

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