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DEAR MR HELGE HALBARD; sorry to have delayed my answer so long, Professor : "EZDRAS" has falsified the Torah/Bible from original Egyptian State-record-office manuscripts, in Babylon's capital Persepolis, every biblical scholar knows that he compiled and weede out much information about the time of the Exodus.( "Midbar.") He, copied large parts of the :"Stolen"original Egyptian archiveds in the Persepolis Palace that the stupid or great(?)king Alexander burned for no apparent reason in 331 bc. ( did he hate his history lessons with professor aristotles so much that he HAD to burn history books somewhere were there were much of them? so did Chinese emperor :"HSU" in 220 bc so that he was the only posessor of historic book in China. So we have no way of knowing what : "Professor"EZDRAS did with the the original text and if he did read hieroglyphic writing. Yet it should be obvious; that King Saul(= Sol-Ammon); David and Solomon are the "Alter-egos" of three Pharaohs: Totmes-I-II-III. EZDRAS gives them all 40 years of Reign.
Yet Totmes-1 reigned only 10 years; his son Totmes-II only 2(+5, as co-regency.)and Totmes-III reignd 50 years of which 25 were as co-regent with his mother Hatsepsut( the biblical:"Batsheba.)So actually the 120 Years of those 3 israelian/Hebrew-Kings narrows down to lemmesee: 37 years in all; that is 80 years too much in bible-Chronology where have they gone to? Happy new year! ( I almost forgot.

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