Re: Why coming messiah is called "antichrist"
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The Anti-Christ is every expression of Christ other than the Orthodox Christian acceptance. The Anti-Christ seems to be European, perhaps Roman. As for the New Age, it announces the coming of the Age of Aquarius. The Zodiac Age of Aquarius supplants the Age of Pisces. Pisces as a symbol was represented in the Church, such as The Fish, Fishers of Men, etc etc. It seems even back in Egypt and other Ancient cultures, the Zodiac signs seems to dominate religious symbolism and even the God totems of the Day. Amen-Ra used a Ram symbol and was during the Zodiac Times of Aries which was before The Age of Pisces. A Zodiac Age has been estimated to last 2,160 years. Supposedly, we are currently entering the Age of Aquarius and so the Christians are playing out their END TIMES. The end of Their Piscean Era. The coming Age will be prophecied as a threat to the current Christian establishment. That's one of many ways to look at it.