Fiction versus Reality
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Wait a minute! The way I see it, "David" is a fictive biblical story figure, a Fairy Tale King of Jewish story-telling, as is "Solomon", whereas the Tuthmoses kings of Ancient Egypt at least were authentic living kings, ruling a real country in ancient times. Thats what Archeology tells us. After all, real life people differ from fictive figures and a story is always a story while real life is real life.

Seen that way, neither "King David" nor "King Solomon" actually WAS Tuthmoses I, II, or III. However, the stories and the fairy characters "David" and "Solomon" may very well have been patterned upon the real lives of some of the ancient kings of Egypt.

I think theres a great resemblance between, for example, the life and reign of Tuthmoses III - the great Egyptian Warrior King - and the biblical Warrior King "David". Likewise, the fabled biblical Reign of King "Solomon" very closely resembles the actual reign of the Egyptian King Amenhotep III. Even their names are closely related: Solomon means "Peace" and Amenhotep means something like "Peace of (the hidden deity) Amen".

So - at least in my opinion - both Ahmed Osman and Charles Pope seem to be right in their conclusions that the (fictive) biblical "King David" "is" (is patterned on the actual life of) King Tuthmoses (II and) III, and likewise that the fictive biblical "King Solomon" "is" King Amenhotep III.

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