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"MATREYA"is the "Umpteen"Buddah that will come and :"SAVE THE WORLD" (which World"?) the Comming of Jezus or Joshua or Jesous was NOT FORSEEN.! All reliogion that wse know comes from the connection of ADAM AND EVE who were: egyptian Pharaohs: in greek: DANAOS and his mother Damna. his only daughter was Iris/Isaea/Lillith"called "Queen of the Underworld"(=Hades or ADEN.)She may also be named:"Hellullah or Tallulah "LuLu" and has evolved into the present "Mother"of God. THIS is a bit complicated because of strange intrecate family relationships:DAM"Danaos not only had his Sister Isis for wife but also her mother! I tried to explain thjat on the Website but the readers find it hard to read.
Ofcourse they do for it ios also hard to believe; that the present "Jerusalem"is already the:"Third"Jerusalem. Thank You for your Query!