Re: where were theElysium Fields:Turkey or Arabia?
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DEAR mr Er... forgot your name, in short: my thjeort is that Öld-Sion"or Hagia-Polis"" is the boriginal "Jerusalem"which was created by the Professor Ezechiel( Hezekaia.)later than 343 bc. because Persian Great King Artaxerxes-III re-conquerred Ëgypt"in that year. Thus present "Jerusalayim"thus Hagia-Polis"Kadesh/Kedem"was only founded about 343 bc because it was on Persian Soil. Thus "Äden"the Capital of Atlantis was also Elision>"Old-Sion"in the Elysuim(=Eliseion.) According to that wonderfull BOOK OF pROF.kAMAL sALIBI,
( damned keylock!)Present Jerusalem is Daughter of SION and Aden orÜrusalym"was the"Mother"of Sion. The
Midrash/Masoreten have forgotten that the Celestial Jerusalem was a Capital Town IN Paradise! In 855bc the Zodiak-shifted 180% degrees and the originmal greek Zodiak is now over CHINA. Since the Starsigns were ALSO a heraldic-coordinate for couintries and even Cities the original Starsign Position of ancient(First-) Jerusalem also shifted to the present position thus present jerusalayim is the THIRD-Jerusalim; this is because the SECOND Jerusalem was "Babylon" did You get that? The eLYSEAN fIELDS were in Sout-Arabia; present South-Yemen.