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DEAR mr Helge Halbard any Äncient Royal House from Egypt that could have ruled both Mesopothamia and Egypt simultaneously would be that of Kamose and Ahmose, I mean their brothers : Generals Ahmose from Kalabsha, and Ahmose pennekhbeth; or Amenhotep. their period of rule in INDIA is called that of the "NAGA-Kings".in Hindu-Mythology that is the Ïsvakhu/Ishwara-Kings Dynasty. Mr. Pope still sees "David"as Pharaoh Thotmes-III; but I warned him that thios view is faulty becase David-ibn/Ben-David is thotmes-II; thus Solomon is Thotmes-III.
PS if my entry in the WebSite: www.Mythical EireLand is"difficult"to read and "is in need of Editing"all the better that means that I made my discovery Public; without fear that others will claim the same!!!
THANK YOU for quoting that: LINK , I almost forgot what I wrote then.!

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