Re: Was "David-ibn Daud"Totmes-II, or Totmes-III??
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Dear Sir Charles N. Pope, I am not sure whether egyptian general Ahmose ("Djehutimes") was Ahmose from Kalabsha (=Kaleb.!!!)Or Ahmose Pennekhbeth (= Pinnechas/Phineus.)Anyway in greek Mythology, he was named"Pentheus"and during a harvest-festivity his mother Agave is supposed to have killed him without an issue mentioned so it is hard to see that any "General-Ahmose (Djehuti-Tymes")related to the> Royal-House of Ahmose could be the forefather of King Thutmosis-3...
Since I explained that "Ibn-Daud" pertains to Toutmose-2 NOT Thotmes-III, You rebouncede this observation by STATING THAT yOU TOO NOTICED THAT:"DAVID"ACTUALLY IS (IN FULL:)DAVID-BEN-DAVID (Thus arabic"Doddi")
and than You go in the wrong conclusion that it must be a son of Thutmosis-1 (Instead of a GRAND-SON.!)it matters because how else was King Thutmosis-2 named? NOT Saul; because that was the name of Thutmosis-1. AND "SALOMON"is the name of toutmosis-3. I keep warning You that you must desist and not continue to see:"DAVID"as Pharaoh-Tout-Mosis-3, because that "upsets"your whole basic storyline. By the By; Do You agree/concurr, that Amenhotep-IV is the same as Achnaton? (only ten years later.!)HAPPY NEWYEAR>!
PS I made the single discovery that ancient Atlantis was ADEN and explained that elaborately in 4 pages; the only comment I got from readers of the Website"www.mithicaleireland"was: Difficult to read; "needs editing" WELL good for me than nobody is likely to"steal"
my discovery in Synoptic compilation is too short and comprehensive to be of intrest to the :"Casual"reader. PS 2 the Royal House of Ahmose is known in Hindu Mythology as the :"House of Isvakhu/ishwara.
I sincerely hope that these answer(s)will add favorably to the further devellopement of your ce-Age "Snowbird"Royal |House theory.!