Elysium Fields

Dear Mr Muster,

I have read some of your ideas and found some of them fascinating. Went to a couple of websites you referenced, Thank You! I have not posted in many days here since activity slowed down for a while or some may have been taken a-back with my Alchemical posts. Anyways, Your recent musings on where the Elysium Fields in Africa? I wish to add as to where I believe it was. The Ancient Greeks believed it was in Turkey (Asia Minor). There is still a place I believe is called Elis which still stands as its trademark. These fields had verious hallucinegens growing and was a popular site for the rites of Dionysus and other mystery cults over many centuries. Pre-Historic Shamans found this place to be home and this area inspired the name of one of the regions of Hades called THE ELYSIUM FIELDS. Everything called HADES was merely the world Southward of the Greeks backyard. The river STYX flowed through the land of Egygia (Sumerian Igiggi/ minor gods of Egypt?). Egypt was the central Capital of the Underworld, but not limited to that Greek Underworld. There are underground cave facilities in Turkey in which Bird-shamans used that also inspired the later Fallen Angel's abode they were caste into. There was Tartarus (Tartar) of Ancient Transylvania that the Scythians had their ancestors origins. The Myths indeed tell our origins in garbled or encoded form.