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Dr mr Helge halbard, You are perhaps refering to the"Kassiters who are supposedly of egyptian Royal origin and ruled "Hanigalbat/Mittani"
from 1150 untill 750 bc then were conquerred by Salmanasser-V,
Supiliumas and Burnaburias-II of the Hittites were perhaps babylonians that took pover the Cassite Dynasty of babylon. Dr Velikovsky says as much in his Book( 1950.)"Ages in Chaos" but he does not produce the visual Chronology Chart that should go with it.
The only summary Chronology-Chart of Dr Velikovsky is almost, at the backflap of his book:"PEOPLES-OF-THE-SEA" (1971.)and Rameses-II(1975.)
I have not been following the START of THIS thread but I assumed that
"we" were talking about the"Cassite/Kushite"-Dynasty of Babylon? BYE.

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