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Jerusalem is "Daughter" of SION than "Mother" is elsewere in Atlantis!
This seems a weird conclusion but Old-SION and Ely-SION may be the same Location; only the Hebrews have forgotten that the(Celestial-)Jerusalem was once the Capital of Atlantis/Hesperis( thus "Eden".)
MAUROBH is "WEST" and "Qedem"is East you wrote in your Thread of ancient East. "Mau-retania" or Mauro-Tania is thus"West-Retenu"!
"Retenu" seems to be the name of the Holy-Land BEFORE it was RE-Named"Israel?! Out of Your answers I deduce that you have some Know-ledge of Hebrew and Assyrian?? I have that book of Wallis Budge too,(the 1923 Eition)but I suffer from severe Dyslexia and reading with one eye (the other has severe "Myopia-Gravis")is not helping much.
So although I call myself amateur-Egyptologist; I can't read Hieroglyphs. ADEN/aidon and (K-)Edem (Ks-addam) now:"RAS-ADAN"is:Eden
The "Fish-Eye"Mapprojection used by socalled"T"Maps and Portolan-Maps
distorts the Map-immage: what is near the "lens" is shortened, what is beyond or farthest is elongated. Thus the Mapprojection used by Herodotus in 450 and by Hakataios in 512 bc, shows the river Nile flowing HORIZONTAL in line with the Mediterranean, in such way that
It's SOURCE is in the Atlas-Mountains( actually the "Moon-Mountains in Ethiopia.)Towards the Nile Soutce are the Happy-Islands or Elysion
(which are actually the Socotera islands, with the"Two-Brothers")so
the ancient Cartographers have placed the "Fortunate-Islands">Islas Fortunas"on the Canary-Islands.(A famous Exile, for Roman political-Prisioners.) This means that the Tribal names of the original "Berber
-Peoples along the Atlas-mountainrange belong to the East-African Trench and is nota resultof those "Berber-Hamites" having migrated to North-Africa. the Northafrican :"Garamantes"may still live in Ethiopia
It will nbe hard to search 17th Dynasty egyptian Land-Tax Records to re-discover the "original Tribal names before the Year 855 bc(When the Earth was hit by a Comet:"Dione"and revolved 180% so the names of villages trades places like a mirror-immage. Professor of geology Aroysio, Nunes dos Santos, from"" has made a theory that "Indonesia" must be old -Atlantis, because some Greek Placenames also used in Plato's Satyre are found in Jawah/Javan island
THAT is not supprizing because below the Equatorline the names of Greek cities in South-Arabia and indonesia have also"switched"places.
OTHERWISE we have to believe that the (early-)Greeks have"Colonized"
the indonesian islands in circa 1000 bc whilst it took the 300 years to do the same in the Black Sea north of Turkey,"in their own Backyard so to speak!") MOST historical cartographers refuse to believe that an Earth axis reversal of 180% safe some 1000meters of Polecenter wandering,in thousands of Years, took ever place in 855 bc!
Talking about "SHAMASH" as an "assyrian/babylonian"God it is the exact translation of egyptian:"Ka-Mose" meaning:"Hail-Mozes".
Thelands of the Rising SUN and ofthe setting SUN may have reversed too
When the Earth is "reversed" upside Down; North and South stay the same for the Earth based observer but the Starsigne are turning Back-Clockwards east and West is switched. So "OLD"-Sion is the Greek "ElySION"!

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