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TO Mr HELGE HALLBARD, DEAR SIR. As amateur egyptologist I should know something about the Hebrew language but I am sorry "Ivrit"does not appeal to me. "EAST-of-EDEN" may be just a Pun or common expression/idiomatic like "in East Prussia or somwhere in Siberia" In Roman times political outcasts were sent to the"fortunate-islands (Canary IslandsWest-Africa; off the mauretanian Coast.) Elyseion; the egyptian Field-of-Reedss or"Amduat"
is nowe supposed to be in the WEST like the Cold Hyperboreans BUT as the World hasd turened "upside-Down"topsy-Turvy" in 855 bc, the position of "EDEN" should be then South-East. the Fish-Eye map All projection of Herodotus has given the Vertical Nile an Horizontal apperance so that the Atlas-mountains which really mark the SOURCES-of the Nile-River areafter 855 bc suddenly drawn in Marocco. or Mauretania (Text-corruption from:"Maat-Retinu")Retinu-israel! he other readers that have read my English-Attachment found the material difficult to understand or my English-syntax not understandable. My discovery is that OLD-Sion and Atlantis are identical! Jews and Arabs
believe that "El Kuds or Al Qudus" Jerusalem is the original Holy-City but that is a "Dogma" Professor Kamal Salibi has proven that the hewbrews originate from SOUTH Arabia long after Old-Sion existed there! If You have a bad opinion about Prof.Salibi, please tell me so.! Sincerely mr A.Muster

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