Aggressive Chimps
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Hi Naomi,

Well, itīs true that aggressive behavior permeates most of the animal world. No doubt, animals kill and eat each other and they defend themselves and their territory tooth and nail. And much of that may look pretty ugly to us. But is it truly a "sin"? Or is it simply the way animals naturally do behave - ugly to us or not?

Maybe, from our human point of view, the chimpanzees in the TV-movie seem to overdo it, like a bunch of cruel bastards. But maybe thatīs just from our point of view. Certainly, we have a most limited understanding of the lives of those chimps.

Birth, growth, life, withering, and death - such are the natural cycles of this Universe that we live in. Death and killing seems to be a necessary part of life. But does that mean the Universe is "perverse"? I donīt think so.

To become perverted is to deviate or turn away from the normal course. Everything seems to have its course, its way, its Dharma or Tao if you like. The Universe has its way. Animals have their way within that Universe. And Man has her way. To "pervert", then, is to deviate from this norm or natural way, like, for instance, human beings acting not like humans but like a bunch of chimpanzees or other wild beasts.

Itīs possible, of course, that the chimps in the movie actually were "perverted", that is acted in a different manner than their own natural behavior. But not necessarily.

Best regards, Helge