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DEAR OPPONENT, The not so obvious; rather :"circumstantial"EVIDENCE that the Original"Jerusalem" or better stil:"Old-SION" and Atlantis, (also known as greek:"Hesperis") are iDENTICAL is the Fact that BOTH
claimed to be the "CENTER-of-the-World"(In Later times, ROME and Mecca have 'usurped'THAT Claim, so WE have forgotten that>'SION'or rather "po-SI-d-ON-is-Polis" HAS that claim originally! Now the Capital of Atlantis was in Paradise and the originalHebrews lived in Paradise; don't You ythink that it would be logical for them to suppose, that their Mount SION/Moria>Capital thus the"Mothercity-of-SION" was in Paradise too?! In my view:"ADEN" was that Paradise.
ABOUT another strange thing: Circumcision has nothing to do with any"sanitation-Law" it is simply a corruption-notion of belonging to a certain GOD-Head. Like the Han-Dynasty Chinese had to shave-off their hair except a pigtail to express their("Forced-upon")Loyalty to the Non-Chinese-Manchu Emperor. To belong to the egyption God Thoth,
one had to fall in battle and get his hand chopped off. the circumcision-nonscense is inbetween life and death! To circumsize in tropical nations is NOT an advice "from the Goddess of Hygiene"! Friendly greetings from Holland. sincerely A.Muster. "MESSIAH means litterally an ARMY,mercenary-Commanderthus a"Condottierri"a desert robber Bandleader and his followers are called: "Massaii"in egyptian they were called "MESH-WESH" or expeditionary-force upholding"Cherim"
Moses was definitly a"Messiah"or army commander! HIs name is a text-corruption of:"KaMOSE".AND ALL EPYPTOLOGISTS KNOW that he harressed the Hyksos ( Notably the Hebrews!a textcorruption of Hyksos.) for personal ambition. the Torah-Bible is full of"Dogma".I am sorry to conclude.!

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