Egyptian Name of Samuel
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Thank You! Chapter 16 was actually the first chapter that I wrote. This was before the book concept was imagined, so it is a little different than the others. At the time I did not know what I was getting myself into!

The Biblical priest Samuel was probably a High Priest of Amun, and appointed to the post by the ruling Patriarch (Pharaoh), that is, his half-brother Jesse (Apophis/Tao).

The names of the High Priests in the early 18th Dynasty are known. See Note 6 in the table at the bottom of Chatper 24. The priest Amariah who precedes Ahitub (priest of David) is probably Minmose the predecessor of Hapuseneb as High Priest of Amun. I need to update the list to include Minmose. It should also be noted that Amariah was probably a redundant entry in the priestly genealogy. It is actually Samuel who should precede Abiathar and Ahitub in the list, and it is then Samuel (a.k.a. Amariah?) who would correspond to the Egyptian High Priest of Amun named Minmose.

Obviously some more work needs to be done here to gain more confidence in the association. Oscar Calle was looking into this period and made a marvelous insight into the location of the priestly city of Nob. We were discussing this and the location of the Egyptian Shiloh in personal emails, but did not get to the point of posting something on the forum. We'll try to do that when time permits.