Tiamat and Tiye/Maat
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The Sun is generally considered masculine, however many gods and goddesses have solar aspects. The Earth is sometimes masculine (an embodiment of Geb) and sometimes feminine (an embodiment of Gaia).

In the Babylonian epic, Marduk defeats Tiamat and refashions her. Marduk is generally equated with Nemesis and Tiamat with the Earth, but perhaps Tiamat is actually Nemesis and Marduk just an aspect of the Sun. This makes more sense if Tiamat is the "Mother of the Gods" (with the Planets formed from her broken body), and Marduk is considered "Great Father". The name Tiamat seems to relate with the Egyptian queen/goddess names Tia/Tiye and Maat/Karamat. Marduk equates well to the Egyptian sun-god Re/Ra.

Tiamat may have been tamed and made more wifely, but it seems she still has her moments of wrath. But instead of being a threat to Marduk, she is thought of as being his chamption and the enemy of his enemies, those pesky and rebellious human beings! We can only hope that Mother was satisfied with her last tantrum in Circa del Sol 1159 BC.

Happy MLK Day all you Bad Boys (and Girls)!

You chuck it down ya mother,
And ya chuck it down ya father,
Ya chuck it down a brother,
And ya chuck it down ya siter,
You chuck it down that one and you chuck it down Me!

Whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you?"
-Bob Marley

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