The Venus de Mio
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The Venus transit table (forwarded to me by Yuya Yoe) shows that the last great catastrophe ("Great Return") of 1159 BC occurred right between the pair of Venus transits (1163 BC and 1155 BC). Of course, we can't be totally sure that the date of 1159 BC is accurate to within a year. The catastrophe could have occurred in 1155 BC or even a little after. However, it was not appreciably "late".

Astronomers don't think that an orbiting body with a period of over three thousand of years and also of high eccentricity (as is proposed for "Planex X") would be stable and sustainable. Yet, this entity is referred to in mythology as "Great Mother" and "Mother of the Gods". This implies it is not a new entity and also not likely to suddenly stop being a major factor for life on Earth.

It is a disturbing thought that my 15 years of research into the ancient world is culminating in the conclusion that only a few years may remain for civilization as we know it. It is made all the more strange to me, because the Venus-figure that inspired the Herculean effort that is DomainOfMan - a black woman who is my former wife - even now lies comotose in the hospital and will soon complete her Passage.

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