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Interesting feature this week by the New York Times:

I once called him up on the phone when I was visiting New York and we spoke briefly about his interpretation of Genesis 14 (the war between four kings and five kings). That was over ten years ago!

According to Sitchin's theory, The 12th Planet/Nabiru/Marduk, crosses the plane of the solar system (from the south) right through the Asteroid Belt (between Mars and Jupiter) once every 3,600 years, and last did so around 550 BC. (Some followers of Sitchin think the 3,600 years are now about up, and that would make the last "crossing" around 1600 BC, which is close to a known disaster.)

We have just considered other Biblical and Egyptian Mythological evidence that points to a star-like body entering from the north (perhaps also moving from the east to the west) and synchronized with the Venus Cycle.

In the Biblical Flood story of Genesis, God promises never again to destroy the Earth with a Flood. That has more or less held true mainly because the 2-mile thick ice sheets collapsed for good after 9,600 BC. "The Lord" did not rule out other forms of destruction, and "end of the world" events have continued to occur since 9,600 BC. The Biblical prophesy of the Devil/Satan being bound and cast into a pit for 1,000 years is yet to be fulfilled. It suggests another long cold period was being expected, at least by the author of the Book of Revelation. This would be every bit as catastrophic as another Great Flood, especially if the onset were rapid. In light of that, man-made global warming might be preferrable to non-man-made global freezing! Will "W" go down in history as the planet's savior?

I have shared a few emailed this week with Paul LaViolette. He believes that the event that ended the Ice Age was a radiation wave from outer space and that it did enter the solar system from the north. However, he disagrees that there have been any further "superwave" events since 13,865 BC, and that subsequent catastrophes were either a consquence of that specific superwave event or due to other causes. He also doesn't recognize any pattern in the data (with a period of 3,149 years or any other), but admits that has not been looking for one.

It would likely be pointless for an ordinary person to attempt surviving a mega-disaster, one far greater in magnitude than what is being currently experienced in Haiti and inflicted world-wide. A minimum of seven years of food would be needed and an army to defend it. There is evidence that a "global elite" has endured these events and from one to the next, albeit often with profound cultural losses. There are certainly signs that today's power brokers are preparing to survive another catastrophe and emerge even more dominant when it is over. This is the ages old tradition!

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