The Double Exposure of Venus
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There is some further insight from analyzing the role of leading women in the Exodus account. Miriam is a type of Isis that exults with song and dance over the successful crossing by Israelites through the Sea. However, she is disgraced with leprosy after speaking against Moses and his "Cushite" wife Zipporah. Although healed, Miriam dies anyway and passes completely unmourned. She is eclipsed during the Exodus by a more dominant figure. This woman is implicitly Zipporah, the very one Miriam wanted to put down.

The Biblical Exodus account parallels the Egyptian Exodus of Akhenaten, whose sister-wife Nefertiti was disgraced and passed away almost without a trace. She was suppressed by Akhenaten's mother-wife Queen Tiye, who not only dominated the royal family in the role of Hathor, but also reclaimed the role of Isis from Nefertiti.

In mythological parlance, the planet Venus is a prominent feature associated with the tribulation of Exodus. "She" is partly blamed for it, but not the entity primarily responsible for it. The brightest planet Venus is blackened in transit, restored to her original brilliance, and then dips below the horizon (in symbolic death). Venus may be a bringer of disease, but the destructive power is that of another "great lady". In the Egyptian Exodus account, she is personified by the goddess Sekhmet, a form of Hathor, who rages southward into Cush (Nubia) and proceeds to anihilate mankind. Some people are miraculously spared from her wrath, and she eventually returns drunken to the north. (On the Narmer Palette, it is Narmer's mother is the guise of Hathor that presides over the drowning of the lapwings.)

Sekhmet sought to destroy those "wicked" subjects of the god Re, who had rebelled against him. She was compelled to protect his throne, even as the serpent and vulture goddesses on the pharaohs crown. Re essentially yielded his sovereignty to her while this act of retribution was taking place. This was the celestial example dictating that authority be given to a female ruler at the end of an Age (and during pharaonic times at the end of every major dynasty).

The myth also tends to confirm the suspicion that our sun as a counterpart, and one that makes an even kinkier passage, so much so that it is identified with incest between a mother and her son. Her light does not shine, but she is still a force to be reckoned with.(The son's rule is absolute, except when mom comes for a visit. The younger woman/wife better stand down!)

The Two Goddesses may again be conspiring with Re to kill off proud humanity. We were very close to having our first female President of the United States! Instead it may be a black man (instead of a blackened woman) that has the honor of leading the world through its greatest trauma. Can he really be blamed if the "mother of all bombs" is dropped on the world?

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