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After thinking about this some more, the following scenario seems plausible. There were three major catastrophes between the anchor dates of 4400 BC and 1159 BC that each caused severe disruptions in climate for many years. This would have confounded the dendrology and ice-core readings (due to sometimes blurring the line between individual years and more frequently causing two growth rings and ice core layers during a single year). So the 4400 BC date should actually be lowered by at least 60 years to more closely coincide with a Venus cycle, if not exactly). The earlier dates of interest (7553 BC, 10700 BC, 13865 BC) would drop down with it. As much as it makes me cringe, I think the Venus cycles should actually be used to help calibrate the chronology derived from ice core and tree ring analysis.

There is still likely another driving force behind this scenario (other than Venus), such as the "Planet of Crossing" or bands of debris in the solar system (or in space) encountered at a highly regular time interval.

The 1159 BC event was horrific. Let's hope this next one is a kinder more gentler tribulation - more of a wake up call than a knock out blow.

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