Playing Venus' Advocate

The SARS epidemic and the Indian Ocean earthquake, the largest (or second largest depending on the metric used) ever recorded, are linked by some to the 2004 Venus Transit/Passage. That link is probably impossible to prove.

The Venus Transit alluded to in the Book of Exodus (in the time of Akhenaten, late Egyptian 18th Dynasty) would have be associated with a plague and drought event, but not likely a Flood. Again, how can we be sure the planet Venus was actually a factor?

We have only five data points for catastrophe's that are at approximately 3,176 year intervals. The earliest two events, dated to 10,700 BC and 13,865 BC have the least accuracy and confidence. The catastrophe's should be spaced at 3,159 years (rather than 3,176)to be in exact synchronization with the Venus Cycle. Three of the intervals are estimated to be slightly less than 3159 years apart. Only one interval was significantly longer than 3,159 BC, and that preceded the last great catastrophe on Earth in 1159 BC. That interval in the Age of Taurus also had the greatest number of catastrophic events. The wipe-outs of circa 3,114 BC and 2450 BC occurred in that cycle. It's not clear how these two events (spaced about 664 years apart) may have been related to or affected the larger cycle.

The date of the earliest of these known catastrophes should have occurred in 13,795 BC rather than 13,865 BC. That's a very small error and it could be due to the slight instability in the resonant orbit of Venus with respect to the Earth.

Also, the more direct cause of extra-terrestrial impacts on Earth is obviously not Venus but some other cyclical phenonmenon. It just happens to be more-or-less tuned with the Venus Cycle, possibly because of a larger solar system resonance (induced by a dark/twin sun), or a resonance imposed on our solar system by a galactic feature (such as the solar system travelling through bands of space debris on a periodic basis).

These 3,176-year events are not the only catastrophic events known to have occurred in the past 15,000 years. Some of the other events may also be cyclical in nature and effect stability of the Venus-Earth relationship. So few scientists are investigating catastrophism, so the answers are not forthcoming, unless of course they are delivered by way of another catastrophe! This is the first time we have been able to properly record the cause of an event (worthy in myth to be associated with the death and rebirth of a sun), and it could be our last.