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I caught all four hours of programming last night on the History Channel. I was seriously confused after watching Mayan Doomsday Prophesy. What Katun or Baktun are we currently in?? First the show said we were in Katun 13, then they said it was Katun 4, then they implied it was Katun 1, or maybe I just got Katuns mixed up with Baktuns.

Here's a wacky and wonderful 2012 page:

The next program called Earth 2100 was a two-hour propaganda piece that used cartoon illustrations to warn what will happen if we don't have a One World Government.

The last program was on the Tunguskan event of 1908. It was a re-run also, but definitely worth watching again. Most evidence points toward the cause being a stoney asteroid.

I wondered if Tunguska was a kind of "John the Baptist" or "forerunner" impact, the harbinger of something greater shortly to come, i.e., the "Jesus Impact". Certainly the data indicates a major catastrophe in this century. It's also fairly clear that a concerted effort is being made to get some kind of global control system in place prior to that event. We will see an attempt by the old royal family, at least some branch of it, to re-establish their pre-eminence over the world. You can call it the Narmer (Nimrod) Syndrome. It happened after the last major catastrophe in 1159 BC. The tendency is for it to repeat. Of course, the world is far different now than it was 3200 years ago. But the more things change, the more they stay the same. We are currently witnessing an unprecedented harvesting and hording of wealth. Something big is going (or shall we say, coming) down on Earth.

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