Armegeddon Week on History Channel

Armegeddon Week kicked off with "Apocalypse Island", a documentary of the genre, "life imitating art", specifically archaeology imitating the movie "2012".

A Mayan researcher reverse-engineered a viewing location for the solar eclipse due to occur on 11/13/2012, and found a rock outcropping on that extremly remote island that was suggestive of Mayan sculpture. It was a creative idea to say the least!

The documentary also discussed a "transit of Venus" that will occur late in 2012. This was something equally watched for in ancient Mesopotamia (and is apparently far more frequent than once every 1,000 years as the documentary claims). People generally stayed inside their homes for fear of plague. It has been theorized that when Venus comes between the Earth and Sun that solar winds carry toxic emissions from Venus and bring them to Earth.

"We are now on the eve of the second transit of a pair, after which there will be no other till the twenty-first century of our era has dawned upon the earth, and the June flowers are blooming in 2004.... What will be the state of science when the next transit season arrives God only knows."

--U.S. Naval Observatory astronomer William Harkness, 1882

The 2012 transit is the second of a pair, the first having occurred in 2004.

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