Sacred Landscape of Armenia
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The volcanic mountains of Nemrut/Nimrod and Sipan/Suphan created a "lake of fire" and "dead sea" called Lake Van. The nearby volcano of Mt. Ararat makes a dog-leg alignment with Nemrut and Sipan. It is the "Great Pyramid" of this triad of volcanoes. On the other side of Nemrut and Sipan is the Tigress River headwater at Bitlis, which Andrew Collins identifies as the vacinity of ancient Eden. This geographic feature is paralleled in Egypt by the garden spot identified in the Bible as the "Land of Goshen" (and home of the Tigress goddess Bastet).

The Giza Pyramids were obviously created as not only artificial mountains but artificial volcanoes. There is even evidence that the Great Pyramid even had a "smoke vent"! Andrew Collins in "From the Ashes of Angels" also discusses a massive underground system of caverns west of Armenia in Cappadocia. However he didn't recognize the obvious parallel to the "lake of fire" and underground "chambers" associated with Giza.

It makes one wonder if this sacred geography was originally associated with the earlier Atlantis and/or East African culture and became a necessary element of later landscapes that "Star Watcher" survivors called home.

Tour of Ararat, Suphan, and Nemrut:

Lake Van and the three Volcanoes:

The Armenian plateau ("edin"):

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