In other Jesus news ...

Here's the latest sensation coming out of the shady Israeli antiquities market:

It hasn't been getting much press. No one is prepared to buy this one after getting burned on so many other recent hoaxes.

A documentary on the Tollund Man aired again recently. The investigation concluded that 2,000 years ago "Tollund Man" of Denmark willingly allowed himself to be sacrificed for the good of his community, and was placed in a bog so that he could descend to the underworld in order to solicit the gods for their help. Tollund Man was carefully, even lovingly buried. There was no sign of struggle (although similar victims may not have been true volunteers!) from his hanging and his stomach was still full with a special meal, his "last supper", if you will. This finding demonstrates the ubiquity of the Jesus/Osiris cult around the "time of Christ":

Tales of the Living Dead: Bog Mummy (2005)

Tollund Man on You-Tube: