On the 13th Day of Christmas ...

... the Christ must die.

The History Channel recently re-aired an episode of the Investigating History series, "The Medici Assassination":

I have not read the book, but the theory only scratches the surface in unraveling the conspiracy that led to the death of Giulano de Medici. The documentary mentions the tell-tale details of the plot:

a) the recruited but reluctant hit man named "John Baptist" (Jean Baptiste, Count of Monte Seco).
b) Giulano's brother Lorenzo being warned of the plot in advance.
c) Giulano being "betrayed by a kiss".
d) Giulano's brutal stabbing in a prominent public place on Easter Sunday (and upon the cue of "raising the sacrament".

However, the significance of these details is apparently lost upon the author of the theory. What we have here is a variation of the Julius Caesar assassination (orchestrated by the reluctant king killer, Brutus). Giulano de Medici was, perhaps unwittingly, cast in the role of Julius. Giulano's brother Lorenzo was the one that benefitted most from the assassination, becoming a neo-Marc Antony or even neo-Augustus, and it must be concluded that he was at least a passive participant in the plot.

Lorenzo suffered only a minor wound, a cut behind the ear, and which was probably also symbolic of his role (ala the "servant of the High Priest" in the Gospels whose ear was sliced by Peter during the arrest of Jesus). Lorenzo emerged as undisputed leader of Florence and the Medici dynasty, which we now know had its real power base in Persia. Lorenzo rubbed out the entire Pazzi clan in Florence. The Pope also exploited the manufactured incident to eliminate his rival the Bishop of Pisa.

Instead of being murdered in the Senate, Giulano was attacked in a prominent Cathedral, il Duomo. This relates back to the assassination of a famous Byzantine Emperor, Leo V, in the Hagia Sophia and while at prayer on Christmas Day itself! Giulano was therefore also being typecast as a neo-Leo.
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