1159 BC and the Luxor Temple
In Response To: 1159 BC, A Date of High-Impact ()

The axis of the Luxor Temple was changed at least four times. Various theories have been put forth to explain it, but no consensus has ever been reached. For example, was the axis modified to align with the apparent movement of the star Vega, the helical rising of Sirius, or some other astral phenonmenon related to precession?

Based on the now highly probable date of 1159 BC for the last global "re-boot" of civilization (and beginning of the so-called Dynastic Era in Egypt), then the time period in which the Luxor Temple axis was successively modified would fall in the 6th & 7th Centuries BC. It is unlikely that the night sky of that time has ever been explored with the Luxor Temple in mind. It at least warrants a look-about.