1159 BC, A Date of High-Impact

The date 1159 BC looks to be more and more significant. Whereas impact and/or volcanic events associated with the years 3123 BC, 2345 BC, 1628 BC, 207 BC, and 540 AD seem to have resulted in severe cold for about a decade, the 1159 BC event brought extreme (and world-wide) cold for two decades!

Below are some interesting links on impact events and history/mythology. Note the variety of scientists (astronomers, geologists, physicists, paleontologists/dendrologists, physicists, etc. that are beginning to form a consensus about ancient impact events. Meanwhile, archaeologists still do not respond to the "wake up call". They do recognize the need to rework ancient history and chronology around these world-changing impact events. Instead they downplay the significance of these major events so they can be incorporated with minimal impact to their canonized framework.

British School of Coherent Catastrophism (BSCC):

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Laura Knight-Jadczyk, More Recent and Highly Provative Champion of Catastrophism:
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co-authors David Talbott and Ev Cochrane

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General Overviews of the New Catastrophism:

Gerrit Verschuur's "IMPACT"

Dendrology calibrates radiocarbon dating:

Possible pitfall in using carbon dating to assist tree-ring analysis:
The best match (using statistical tests) is often rejected in favour of a less exact match because the best match is deemed to be "incorrect" (particularly if it is too far away from the carbon-14 "age"). So the carbon "date" is used to constrain just which match is acceptable.

Exodus to Arthur: Catastrophic Encounters with Comets [Illustrated] (Hardcover)
by Michael Baillie
2354-2345 BC, 1628-1623 BC, 1159-1141 BC, 208-204 BC, and AD 536-545

Mike Baillie's recent work: "New Light on the Black Death:

The Celtic Gods: Comets in Irish Mythology (Paperback)
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by Trevor Palmer

The Cosmic Winter (Hardcover)
by Victor Clube (Author), Bill Napier

Cosmic Serpent: A Catastrophist View of Earth History (Hardcover)
by Victor Clube (Author), Bill Napier

The Cycle of Cosmic Catastrophes: Flood, Fire, and Famine in the History of Civilization (Paperback)
by Richard Firestone

Draco The Tenth Planet (Paperback)
~ Anthony Austin

"Earth in the Cosmic Shooting Gallery"