Pre-Dynastic Catastrophe Dates

The following is from my review of "Voyages of the Pyramid Builders":

"The application of ice core and tree ring data has also been used to identify land strikes of meteorites in 4400 B.C., 3150 B.C., 2345 B.C., 1628 B.C., 1159 B.C., 207 B.C., and 536 A.D. There were probably ocean strikes during this period, but they cannot be pinpointed with ice core and tree-ring data. There has also been a slight decrease in sea level since 4000 B.C., which indicates that ocean strikes (leading to global warming) have not been a dominant factor since that time, at least in comparison to land strikes and other factors that have caused a slight cooling of the planet."

The 2345 BC impact event is likely associated with the crater at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers (as part of a multiple strike event including ones in nearby Syria and faraway Argentina and Sweden):

Unfortunately none of the links in the above post work any more. Here's some newer ones:

Meteorites, A Social Commentary (includes discussion of 1159 BC and 207 BC impact events):

Another good overview of the various meteorite strikes effecting human history:

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