2012 and "Tipping Points"
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As a follow-up to "Big Chill Put on Ice" -

There is a new book in the "Complete" series called "The Complete Ice Age" edited by anthropologist Brian Fagan.

This book is solidly behind the global warming (rather than "climate change") school of thought. The book states that recent research indicates that the on-set of Ice Ages is not abrupt as previously thought and that we were not due to begin the next one for another 5,000 years. However, man-made global warming will put that date off by many thousands or tens of thousands of additional years (if not altogether).

The book amplifies the view of some scientists that we have only a few years to apply "massive investment" to drastically cut carbon dioxide emissions (preferably through use of alternative and renewable energy sources rather than an arbitrary cap on fossil fuel burning) or else we will pass a series of climate "tipping points" leading to a catastrophic 9 degree Fahrenheit increase in average global temperature in less than a century.

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