"The Right Thing to Do"

Here's a post I made over at The Daily Grail that illustrates the CFR at work:

The CFR must be elated that so much attention is focused on Templars and Freemasons, when it is they who are the real movers and shakers today.

Again, not sure if it more troubling that a group like the CFR exists or that there would be no dialog between the world's most influential people and companies/institutions. At least there is some potential for "checks and balances" in a group the size of the CFR. Notwithstanding, there is obviously an inner circle within the CFR that wields even more influence. The point of having such as large group of CFR members is to create a "wedji board effect" in which the "guiding hand" can implicitly control many others. It's not necessary to control everything, only to push things in a general direction.

The architects of the US Constitution mined Freemason by-laws, but if the US Constitution is now defunct, then what working model can be found for a World Constitution. Perhaps the single greatest failure of Academia is not identifying such a model and grooming it for implementation. A world government (official or de facto) that arises organically is going to be driven by the greediest and most aggressive persons and corporate entities. That's not the best solution for either humanity or the environment. But this is apparently where we are headed. As the character Gordon Gecko said in the movie Wall Street, "Greed is good". But it definitely ain't great!

Governance by the Greediest.

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