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As far as the role of the Council on Foreign Relations, here are some interesting quotes from the book, “Who Really Runs the World?: The War Between Globalism & Democracy” by Thom Burnett and Alex Games.

Caveat Lector: Both authors are British, so I suspect they have downplayed the role of European central banks and other European elements of the "New World Order".

The following quotes are from CFR discussions found on pages 37-8 and 100-120 of the book.

“If the world is run by any secret society, the most likely candidate would be the Council on Foreign Relations. Why them, though, and not for example the Bilderbergers? First, the Bilderbergers’ group includes many non-Americans, and the Bilderbergers’ criticisms of the US intentions and eventual military action in Iraq reflected the general European stance so obvious within the General Assembly and Security Council of the United Nations. The non-American members of the Bilderberg group were anti-American and did not evidently act as manipulators behind the scenes of history, since the military action went ahead despite their objections … The CFR is exclusively American.

“Whereas the Bilderberg group was a US-Europe alliance, the Trilateral Commission was merely adding another region of the world economy, in this case the Far East sector represented by Japan. It was David Rockefeller’s baby, and the dominance of CFR members could point to it being nothing more than an extended study group within that organization.

“The CFR entered a new phase of its history in 1970 with the ascension to power of David Rockefeller, replacing John J. McCloy as chairman of the board. Rockefeller was the head of Chase Manhattan bank and a CFR member since 1940, and he recruited Cyrus Vance to assist in the reorganization of the council … The public face of the CFR would change also. Its mission statement was no longer to “guide” American public opinion, but to “inform” it.

“Could the CFR in fact be the most powerful elite in the world today? No secret organization has wielded more influence over succeeding US administrations. From its headquarters in New York, the Council on Foreign Relations exerts the kind of power that conspiracy theorists fear, yet perversely admire. Its ability to influence foreign policy of the United States is the single most important key to understanding how the most powerful nation on the planet can control the other lesser nations. There are no aliens [foreigners], no members of the anachronistic British aristocracy, no secret satanic rituals in black crypts. To secretly run the world, one has to know how international relations actually work. The CFR has practically written the training manuals.

“The CFR si also a breeding ground for future presidents of the United States and their administrations. Whether Republican or Democratic, the men and women in power will have been schooled in foreign relations by the council. The number of bright young talents working their way through the council will ensure that when it comes to choosing top quality advisors, future presidents will need to look no further than the membership roll of the CFR. It has reached the point where if someone wants to exert influence in Washington, they have to pass through the doors of Pratt House …

“If John Kerry had won the 2004 presidential election, the CFR would have had a husband and wife team in the White House. Teresa Heinz-Kerry, as controller of the Heinz foods fortune, has been a member of the CFR for many years …

“With the resignation of CFR member Colin Powell as Secretary of State, she [Condolezza Rice] moved over from her position as National Security Advisor to become, without a doubt, the most powerful woman in the world.

“Other members of the Council on Foreign Relations form the power nexus in present day (Bush Administration] Washington. There is the current vice president Dick Cheney, the current director of Central Intelligence, Lieutenant General Michael Hayden; and the current secretary of defense, Robert Gates; and the current president of the World Bank, Paul Wolfowitz. Conspiracy theorists do not have to look far to see the CFR at work. Its members control the world’s banking ,the world’s larges intelligence gathering apparatus, most of the media giants and most of the dominant American-based multinational corporations. With such a global coverage, anti-CFR press reports are unlikely to see the light of day, and that may be why the general public is unaware of its influence. That’s the theory, anyway.

“As with other secret societies, the membership is by invitation only. One has to be a US citzen and be nominated and seconded by other CFR members before the final election by the board of directors. A recent breakdown of the 4,200 membership reveals that 31 percent come from the corporate sector, 25 percent from academia, 15 percent from charities, 13 percent fom government, eight percent from law, six percent from media, and two percent from other professions. CFR members are on the boards of the following sample of corporations: Citicorp, J.P. Morgan Chase, Boeing, Conoco, Disney, IBM, Exxon Mobil, Dow Jones, Viacom/CBS, Time Warner, Carlyle Group, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Golman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Gredit Wuisse First Boston, Chevron Texaco, Lockheed Martin, Halliburton, Washington Post/Newsweek.

“The CFR prohibits its members from disclosing anything that has been said within its closed meetings [at the “Pratt House”] to outsiders.

“When Bill Clinton [CFR member] became president, he brought on board even more CFR members than Bush [Sr.] had – 16 members of Clinton’s cabinet were from Pratt House, chief among them the Secretary of State Warren Christopher and National Security Advisors Anthony Lake and Sandy Berger. Several key positions were filled by women, such as Madeleine Albright … members of the CFR.


Obama's ties to the CFR:

Obama recycles the same CFR cronies to implement "Change We Need":

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