It Only Looks LIke New Money
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In the days of the great monarchies the money supply was never in the hands of actual Jews. The royal family appointed members of the extended royal family to control this increasingly important form of wealth. However, by stigmatizing such appointees as Jews it ensured that they would not become rebellious. And if they did offend the crown in any way (or the crown just needed a scapegoat), such appointees could be disposed of unceremoniously. These leading bankers were then only manufactured Jews and were associated with the Family.

When the international cartel of royalty was effectively decapitated after the "Great War", so-called Jewish bankers suddenly found themselves liberated from their former cruel Big Brothers. They also found a way to remain essentially independent from the new governments in Europe. The so-called Central Banks are not really under the centralized control of nations. Likewise, the Federal Reserve Bank in the US is not part of the Federal Government, but a private institution. The US President appoints the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, but unlike the days of the monarchy, he can't tell that Chairman what to do! America bought into this concept during the run-up to the Great War as well.

So, what we have is a branch of the old totalitarian regime rearing its ugly head again through a global monetary network that can fix elections, reward complicit corporations, and manipulate at will. It's already firmly in place, so we may as well get used to it.

Armageddon is coming. Reserve a front row seat now, or join the cast! There are plenty of openings for extras. If a supporting role is more to your liking, send your uber-achiever kids to prestigious colleges like Duke and Columbia where they can maneuver for Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) membership. It's full of bright, ambitious, young people of all races and backgrounds who are willing to do ANYTHING to further their careers and ensure their place as henchmen/women in the "New World Order".

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