Next Big Chill Put on Ice?
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The National Geographic Channel aired "2012: Countdown to Armageddon" tonight. (Next showing Sunday Nov 15 at 1 pm.)

This special is well-timed to capitalize on the new Hollywood Blockbuster 2012:

Apparently the beginning of the Mayan Calendar 5,200 years ago (3200 BC) coincided with a global "flash freeze", which the documentary suggests may not repeat itself in 2012 due to man-made global warming!

The date of 3200/3150 BC is one of several coinciding with catastrophic events:

Robert Schoch associated the 3200/3150 BC event with a meteorite strike. If this was part of a comet or some other naturally periodic event, then of course man-made global warming would have nothing to do with its repetition in a 5200 year cycle.

The 3200/3150 BC event is the particular focus of an Ohio State professor featured in the NatGeo documentary:

I don't recall that the word Armageddon was ever used in the program! Cool graphics if nothing else!

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