International Shiftiness
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In the ancient world a shift in royal capitol was made by consensus of the royal family. It rarely occurred smoothly. Those in the minority could effectively stall the move. For example, as when Taharqa and Tanuatamon allied to prevent the transfer from Egypt to Mesopotamia. The modern world is obviously more complex. However, a shift in world capitol/capital is still a battle among those persons and entities that drive the world economy. That is what makes it so difficult to stop or even slow down.

Let's say that Warren Buffett and Bill Gates teamed up (fat chance) and decided to resist the hemorrhaging of wealth out of America. Could they do it even if they wanted to? Not likely and certainly not for long. The decision is still made by consensus (via implicit or explicit vote using wealth as the ballot) among the "elites" (for lack of a better word). The average American has no more influence than the average ancient Roman or Babylonian or Egyptian or Jew. About the only thing an American has is the illusion of constitutional rights.

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