"The Fall of the Republic"

This documentary "Fall of the Republic" is pretty scary!

I don't know which is more frightening - the thought that someone or something is taking charge of the world's future, or that no one is!

Some of the above documentary is pure hysteria, such as the fear of kids ratting on their parents to the "carbon cops" for letting a faucet run while brushing their teeth.

The documentary has a strong tone of American bias. However, Americans do not have the inalienable right to maintain the highest standard of living of any country of the world forever!

Other elements of the documentary are genuinely disturbing. The American and World banking and financial markets and systems appear to be extremely corrupt. Bankers and market moguls (ala "Mr. Gecko" in the movie Wall Street) are not the type people I would want taking over the Planet. Do bankers have a "code of ethics"? If so, I've never heard of it. Certainly the World Bank has a nasty reputation for helping American corporations (and now global corporations) exploit the hell out of developing countries.

Where have all the DiMaggios and Freemasons gone?

I have never owned a stock in my life. I've always had a natural repulsion to the entire concept, at least the way it is presently implemented. And as the documentary noted, it does seem to be one very convenient cash cow for those with the ability to manipulate it. Americans have been induced for decades to put all of their savings into the market instead of low-yield bank accounts and other types of investments, such as family and privately run (as opposed to publicly traded) local businesses. Even government pension plans have been placed in stock market accounts. The result has been a massive stock market bubble in which stocks were inflated in price far beyond their intrinsic worth (based on dividend earnings). And even now, television commercials with cute talking babies humor the scammed public back into the market with the jingle, "Take these broken wings, and learn to fly again ..." Stocks are still grossly over-valued, but people are going right back into the market again. Stupidity!

The US President was able to ground all airplane traffic during the crisis of 9/11. The President, according to the documentary, now has the power to disable the Internet in the States. However, when the US Treasury was being held up at economic gun-point by Wall Street the President and Congress did nothing except hand over the money. It was like robbing a convenience store with a plastic weapon. Why didn't they suspend the markets until a real recovery plan could be worked out? They had to ability to do so.

Regarding "climate change", billions of human beings can and do have an enormous impact on the environment. However, I'd have to agree with the documentary that the Green Movement has been hijacked by corporate special interests (along with everything else, and most alarmingly the Media). If history is any teacher, then resistance is probably futile. The great "Empedocles" (Taharqa) could only impede for so long the Assyrians and Babylonians from taking and trashing ancient Thebes in Egypt. Babylon couldn't be saved from the Persians, or the Persians from Alexander, or Athens and Jerusalem from Rome, or Rome from Constantinople, and so forth. Once again in our time, "kingship is being carried away". Jump on the steamroller like Kermit the Frog and win, or believe this time is different and risk being "gone with the Schwinn"!

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