Things that Explode in the Night
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Considering that it's Halloween, I've noticed lately that the spirit of Velikovsky is still alive and well and seems to have melded with the Sitchin and von Daniken movements. Von Daniken also has a brand new book out called "History is Wrong". I couldn't resist buying this one, it's his 29th and I think it's the first I've read since his first, "Chariots of the Gods". Looks very interesting with a special emphasis on the Mormons and prehistoric New World inscriptions.

Here's another new book by a Florida engineer heavily influenced by Sitchin and Velikovsky:

"The Day Venus Exploded" by Steve Preston

A recent discussion topic at The Daily Grail is a conjectured catastrophic Jupiter event:

You can look for me tonight but you won't see me. I'm going as a "Monster Black Hole". "Chucky" was just too predictable!

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