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Basketball was invented by Phys. Ed. teacher (James Naismith) as a form of exercise for girls. The basket was deliberately placed at such a height as to prevent anyone from ever dunking the ball, and teams consisted of defensive and offensive players that did not cross the half-court line (to guard against over-zealous play by the young ladies)! Basketball today scarcely resembles the original form, although some would no doubt say it's for the better.

The American government was initially opposed not only to monarchy but also the dangers of corporate monopolies, such as the East India (whose product was ruined by the so-called Boston Tea Party). The first American companies could only incorporate based on a clearly defined objective and were required to immediately terminate upon fulfillment of that narrow charter.

Everything the American founders hated is now institutionalized by our current laws. It is a government for, by, and of the corporation. Deregulation has allowed corporations to rape and pillage the people and their pension funds. Free market has been exposed as a farce. Rotten big trees are not allowed to topple so that the younger ones can share the light. American Democracy is in disgrace! Legislation is only enjoyed by those entities that can afford to buy it.

Capitalism only works until the resources it exploits are used up. Rather than shifting to a new resource or diversifying, Capitalism requires that a resource be exhausted before moving on to the next one. It is comparable to the royal family that moved from one host tribe/nation to another. When one populous and vigorous people were burned out, they were accused of being stiff-necked and kicked to the curb (or some other place of exile). Another large and eager group was then chosen to take their place! We have not advanced much beyond that primitive model, and perhaps have only continued to perfect it.

What is the answer? In ancient times societal renewal called for the coming of another sociopathic killer called Horus (or Hercules or Joshua or David). Traditionally when prosperity and security for the elite could not be maintained it inevitably led to a manufactured war, and it was always sold to the people (about to be sacrificed) as a "righteous war". In this respect today is little different than ancient times.

How and when does the cultural paradigm get replaced? Nothing is sustainable. Nothing is incorruptible. The American system of "checks and balances" has been ignominiously defeated. It is time for global acts of patriotism and a new world constitution that is of, by, and for the abused Earth (overdue reparations), and not only its many oppressed peoples.

Happy Halloween!

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