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A Discovery Channel special aired (for a second time) tonight. Next one is Nov. 1 at 4 pm if you missed it.;jsessionid=816125E11E67EE30EE661B99AFB425F8.discoverychannel2

The special calls Dan's latest novel "a great work of fiction". Not that I object, but the continued positive media reaction is surprising. And so much so that one might even suspect a "Freemason Conspiracy" (out of gratitude and relief if nothing else)!

The program notes that Freemasons were divided over the American Revolution and later during the American Civil War. Benedict Arnold was a Freemason. In the Civil War, the leading Freemason (of a reformed society no less) became an Army general for the Conferderate cause! However, it is Dan Brown's emphasis on Freemason religious tolerance that wins the day, and as an obvious antidote against growing fundamentalism and terrorism. The program even included a rather strong censure of Pat Robertson for taking cheap shots at Freemansonry.

Certainly Freemasonry was bracing for the worst. One Freemason was even working on a book of his own to help defend the "fraternity" against what was expected to be a hit piece from Dan Brown. Seems he will now have to revise the book before publishing! He was one of the talking heads featured on the program.

Discovering the Lost Symbol
by Mark Koltko-Rivera

Gnosticism was not mentioned in the program. Instead, the notion of humans achieving divinity was strangely attributed to Mormon influence!

A second Freemason was also featured as a talking head on the Discovery Channel special. His book is already out:

Deciphering the Lost Symbol
by Christopher L Hodapp

A third talking head has written his own novel:

by R. Douglas Weber
(This guy should have hired a web page designer!)

And a fourth talking head from the show:

Robert Hieronimus

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