Dan Brown Defends Plot Props
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NBC aired another docu-interview with Dan Brown last night, which was held at the Masonic Temple in D.C. Topics of the one-hour special included the painting and statue of George Washington as a god, the Masonic induction ritual of drinking wine from a human skull, and Noetics.

The beheaded skull as well as wine were both prominent symbols of Osiris (of which John the Baptist was a type), however this was not noted in the program. Brown instead was however adament that reliable sources make this ritual part of Masonic initiation, certainly in the past if not practiced by all lodges today. The Masonic spokesman interviewed for the special neither confirmed nor denied it.

Dan Brown mentioned that the sculpture of Washington with an upraised arm and index finger (ala Caesar Augustus and other "god-kings" of old) was originally placed in the Capital building, but it proved to be too blatant of a gesture and was removed.

The program featured a California laboratory that currently receives government funding to research noetics ("mind over matter"), but also gave equal time to a skeptic of this "new science".

The special was pverall quite favorable toward Dan Brown and his latest novel. Tom Hanks has already offered to play Langdon again. No big surprise there!

The word "Bible" did not make an appearance in the show. Brown did use the phrase "The Lost Word", however rather obliquely. Probably this had more to do with not giving away the book's ending than a desire to avoid the topic. We'll see how future docu-dramas deal with it!