Pottery Dating
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I made a quick survey on pottery dating and found some interesting sites. Apparently there is no academic consensus as to whether or not the Thera Eruption occurred during the 18th Dynasty.

“Pottery and Lipid Dating”

“Fire and Water” Dating

Pottery in Archaeology (1993) Cambridge

Minoan Pottery

“... enormous difficulties in dating the Minoan Civilization”:

History of Minoan Pottery

Thera and Minoan Dating

“... detailed correlation (of Egyptian tomb art in the reign of Thutmose III and Hatshepsut) to Minoan archaeology periods is vehemently disputed":

Thera did not erupt in the Egyptian 18th Dynasty

Mycenaean Pottery at Amarna:

“Dating Battleground’

Minoan 1A Pottery in 18th Dynasty tomb:

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