The Later Roman & Byzantine Dynasties

2nd / 3rd Century (Roman – Parthian/Persian Conflict)

4th / 5th Century (Roman – Barbarian Conflict)

Alaric the Goth and Attila the Hun (have Rome on the Run)

Empress Theodora and the Goths

Inter-related Royal Families of Rome and Goths
(Shakespeare’s Titus Andronicus)

Holy Roman Empire as the neo-Goth/German Dynasty

5th / 6th Centuries (Heraclius and the Prophet Muhammad)

Armenia, Birthplace of Revealed Religions and Re-Conquests

7th / 8th Centuries

Constantine V = al-Mansur
(Abassids replace Umayyids, the Empire is reconsolidated after the fall of Damascus.)
(This remains to be written up.)

Empress Irene as Role Model for Queen Elizabeth

Exiled Umayyid Dynasty of Spain Courts the Jews

10th / 11th Centuries (Seljuks, Normans, and the First Crusade)

First Baghdad, then Byzantium

The Ancient World-Wide-Web

Howard Bloom and Christian-Islamic Conflict

Great Kings Coming out of Britain

13th / 14th Centuries

King John and Genghis Khan (and the Mongol Empire)

The Orient in England

Zheng He

15th / 16th Centuries (Medici Renaissance & Tudor England)

Shakespeare’s Midsummer Night’s Dream

Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice

Medici Family Patterned after Roman 2nd Century Bassianus Dynasty

Medici Power Base in Persia and Mughal India

Holy Roman – Ottoman Dual Empire

Emperor Maximilian = Sultan Selim
(The Empire is reconsolidated after Constantinople Falls to Mehmet II)

17th Century (Stewart England)

Hamlet, Elizabeth’s Weapon Against Holy Roman Revenge

Twelfth Night, Elizabeth Spurns the Medici for King James

As You Like It, Elizabeth’s (Failed) Grooming of Lord Essex

“The Spanish Tragedy”
Cid Hamnet and Don Quixote

Shakespeare Authorship (General)
Supreme Court Justice Rules on Shakespeare Authorship
Michael Wood's book and DVD, "In Search of Shakespeare”
Hamnet, Son of Shakespeare
Cide Hamete Benengli and Don Quixote

Shakespeare the Atheist/Humanist?

Shakespeare the Feminist?

Shakespeare the Closet Catholic?

“Atwill-Hudson Theory”

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