The Julio-Claudian Dynasty

Julio-Claudians as Ptolemies/Hasmoneans in Italian Clothing

The Evidence

The foray into New Testament Period studies began with a paper written for The Daily Grail web site:

“Mary Magdalene: Harlot or Queen?”

This established a basis for re-examining the relationship of Herod the Great and his family to the Gospels. From there we took a fresh look at the family of Herod the Great, and to our amazement found evidence that Herod actually had the audacity to portray himself as a Neo-Solomon and Neo-Jacob. He further typecast his descendants, not only in the roles of the sons of Jacob but also in the roles of O.T. characters that followed the reign of Solomon, viz., Rehoboam, Elijah, Elisha, Ahab, Jezebel, etc.

Another series of articles was written,

Then a reader (Tim) challenged us to revisit the Hasmonean Period. A link was first established between Hasmonean Mattathias, Ptolemy Philometer, and the Parthian Mithridates. Further investigation led to this assessment of the Hasmonean Dynasty:

That was followed by a study of the Odyssey and Aeneid and a compelling proof that they were the Greek and Roman memory of the end of the Egyptian New Kingdom, and leading to the realization that Greece and Rome shared the same royal heritage with the rest of the Near East.

Thanks to Joe Atwill, Robert Eisenman’s publicist sent a complimentary copy of “New Testament Code”. So, some time was taken to read and review it.

Chapter 1:
Chapter 2:
Chapter 3:
Chapter 4:
Chapters 5-7:
Chapters 8-13:

Consequently, the idea that Herodians were behind the Gospel accounts became even more convincing.

Next, the relationship between Mark Antony and Herod the Great was investigated:

After this came something even more stunning -
Julius Caesar equated to Hasmonean Alexander II:

In the process of all this, Herodian and Augustan genealogies began to be superimposed. The initial attempts (below) were not very good.

But further analysis began to break it wide open:

Marc Antony as Father of Cleopatra:

“Cleopatra: Portrait of a Killer”
(Excellent program. Concludes that Ptolemy princess Arsinoe, sister of the famous Cleopatra, had a skull similar to the “ancient Egyptians”, i.e., the elongated skull of the native Egyptian pharaohs that preceded the Ptolemies!)

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After this, a study was made of the Persian Period and it was learned that the Julio-Claudian Dynasty patterned itself extensively after the Persians. This confirmed the validity of the previous Julio-Claudian/Herodian studies (summarized above) and offered even greater insight into the Roman/Herodian creation of Christianity.