Persian Period Study

Introduction: Persian Archetypes of Gospel Figures

Summary Chart

Chronological Considerations

Persia 01: The Seven of Darius

- Friends, Persians, Countrymen, Lend Me Your Ears:

- Persian Emphasis on Thoth/Ahura Mazda (Zorastrianism)

Persia 02: The Wives of Darius

Persia 03: The Brother of Darius

- Darius and Esther (Atossa)

Persia 04: The Sons of Darius

Persia 05: The Succession of Darius

Persia 06: The Succession of Darius (continued)

Persia 07: Xerxes, Hero of Heroes

- Xerxes and Babylon

- Xerxes and Tiglath-Pileser III, Revisted

- Xerxes and the “Tower of Babel”

- The Hanging Gardens of Nebuchadnezzar, Revisited

- Xerxes and Gideon:

Persia 08: Xerxes, Hero of Heroes (continued)\

- Xerxes and the Number Seven

Persia 09: Xerxes, Hero of Heroes (and more)

- The Battle of Salmis

- The Battle of Artemisium

- Persian, Athens, and Jerusalem

Persia 10: Xerxes and Prince Darius

Persia 11: From Xerxes to Artaxerxes

Persia 12: Pausanias and Paul

Persia 13: Megabyzus, Mardonius and (Arta-)Xerxes

- Persian Eunuchs

Persia 14: Aristides Compared with James the Just

Persia 15: Cimon Compared with Simon Peter

Persia 16: Cyrus the Great and Pericles

Persia 17: Astyges, "Father of Nebuchadrezzar"

Persia 18: Agariste, Mother of Cyrus the Great

Persia 19: The Grandmother of Cyrus the Great

Persia 20: Cyrus as the New "King Joseph"

Persia 21: Cyrus the Great as “King Joseph” (cont)

Persia 22: Cyrus/Pasher in the Book of Jeremiah

- Ezra and Nehemiah in Persian Jerusalem

Persia 23: Ramses IX, Father of Darius

Persia 24: The Wives and Sons of Darius, Revisited

Persia 25: Typology/Birth-Order, Early Persia

Persia 26: Theseus Returns to Athens of Pericles

Persia 27: Theseus and Peirithous

- Jesus as a neo-Theseus

- "The Acharnians" by Aristophanes

Persia 28: The "Persians" of Aeschylus

Persia 29: The "Oresteia" of Aeschylus

Persia 30: Pericles and the Amarna Revival

Persia 31: The Persian Year of Four Emperors

- "Saint Vespatian"

Persia 32: The Persian Precedent for Vespatian

Persia 33: Prince Cyrus & the Sixth Man Awards

- Alcibiades, Archetypal Zebedee

- Alcibiades, Archetypal El Cid

Persia 34: Cyrus and Macedon

- Histories Written by Royal Physicians

Persia 35: Persians in Molossia and Illyria

Persia 36: The Persian Business of Names

Persia 37: Shah Iskander

- Alexander’s Babylonian Names

- Bucephalas the Horse of Bupales/Alexander

- Alexander in Muslim Tradition

Persia 38: The Death and Burial of Alexander

- The Twin Messiah Tradition

Persia 39: The Successors of Alexander (Seleucus)

- Seleucus the "Egyptian Hunting Dog"

Persia 40: Successors (Antipater and Cassander)

Persia 41: Successors (Ptolemy Soter)

Persia 42: Heirs of Alexander and the Desposyni

- Claudius Caesar and John the Baptist