King Tut Rides Again!

Not so fast Dan Brown ... the King Tut debate is stirred up again by a new book with an Elizabethan-esque title,

The Murder of King Tut: The Plot to Kill the Child King - A Nonfiction Thriller

According to the book, Tut is critically injured after ordering his minister Aye to be given 50 lashes for insubordination and then cavalierly taking his prized chariot out alone for some fun. After a high-speed crash over unfamiliar rugged terrain, Tut is robbed by a beduin and only found some time later when a massive man-hunt is organized. This is pure historical fiction (and not particularly thrilling)!

When it looks like Tut may survive, a conspiracy is hatched by his humiliated minister Aye. He has little difficulty persuading Horemheb and Tut's cuckolded wife Ankhesenamun to join him. This is closer to reality in that a deal was surely brokered between Aye, Horemheb, and Ramses who agreed to rule in turn after the (assisted) death of Tut. In terms of typecasting, Ankhesenamun may have been compelled to play the traditional role of Isis in betraying her husband Osiris to his attackers. However, her defiance of Aye after Tut's death indicates she may not have gone along with any aspect of the plan.